Friday, January 1, 2010


A USA beachcombing Forest Knolls husband-and-wife duo is creating art from plastic junk scooped from a vast Pacific Ocean gyre.
Their goal is to promote awareness about the Earth's troubled environment.
"It's a gold mine of treasure direct from this source, the power center of the plastic world," Judith Selby Lang said of the gyre, an enormous swirling vortex of plastic waste off the Hawaiian coast.
For Selby Lang, 59, and her husband Richard Lang, 62, it's a passionate and energetic collaboration that began with their first date 10 years ago. From the discarded plastics, Selby Lang handcrafts jewelry and Lang forges wall sculptures and finds inspiration for fine art prints.
"We take what would otherwise be garbage and make it precious," Selby Lang said.
Plastic debris that includes nets, buoys and other waste was plucked from the gyre this year by Project Kaisei, a nonprofit that aims to increase understanding of oceanic debris and its impact on the environment. The junk will provide grist for the couple's window display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art this month. Their plastic works have appeared in 35 exhibitions to date.

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