Tuesday, October 6, 2015

culture jamming & zines

After the local Sunday flea-market unsold goods are often left behind by the sellers. I usually go for a stroll through the parking-lot when they have all gone to see if there is anything of interest amongst the discards.
Last Sunday I found several children’s books.
I use these to make zines on my favourite subject - culture-jamming

After painting the pages with cream paint:
I affix photoshop collages I have made from images gleaned from newspapers and magazines (also found as discards).
Here are three such images from my “bar-code” series:

  These zines also form video slide-shows which I post to my youtube channel. Look under the playlist:

I am currently working on a series of  interventions/reinterpretations of Pacific & NZ history for the “Ten Thousand Things” exhibition.
Below is my take on James Cook as relating to Alan Moorhead’s book “Fatal Impact”:

 The address of my blog on my activities in this field is:

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