Friday, October 2, 2015

exhibition statement

Here is my artist's statement for the 10 Thousand Things exhibition:

“Creating assemblages using recycled materials enables me to explore a range of issues relating to consumerism, commodification, over-consumption, the invasion of technology into our lives, and the artificial construction of our social mindsets and cultural conditionings.

Through my work I consider questions such as:
How much is enough?
Who determines value, and how?
Who really pulls the strings, and why?
What are the social and planetary costs of a throw-away society?
Where are we going with all of this? 

As an ad-buster and culture-jammer I attempt to point out some of the lies and deceptions behind the glass facades of the multinationals and corporates who dictate our desires and manipulate our fears. Quirkyness and humour help get the message across.

My inspiration comes from the people in countries such as Mexico and Cambodia who, as a matter of necessity, make brilliantly innovative functional and decorative items from the detritus of the global scrap-heap.

Lao Tsu explains:
“Thirty spokes converge at one hub; what is not there makes the wheel useful.
Clay is shaped to form a vessel; what is not there makes the vessel useful.
Doors and windows are cut to form a room; what is not there makes the room useful.
Therefore, take advantage of what is there, by making use of what is not.’”

If only Barbie could find the Buddha within herself!!

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