Sunday, October 4, 2015

interactive art

My ideas for the Ten Thousand Things exhibition include including some pieces with which the public could interact and make their own contribution to the show online.

Part of my intention in participating in the “Ten Thousand Things” exhibition is to encourage and inspire others to make craft and art works of their own, as well as demonstrating to all that even the “lowliest” and “simplest” and most domestic of crafts can make powerful political statements - welcome to the world of culture-jamming.

See Wikipedia for more details:

The world-wide group of “Graffiti Knitters” serves as a tremendous inspiration to us all when they take their work onto the streets:
anti-war protest
Interestingly, in this age of Political Correctness gone mad, the much-maligned gollywog has come to serve as a symbol of anti-PC bull****.

Sanity strikes back!

On my walk around Browns Bay flea market yesterday I found a knitting pattern for a gollywog; and I thought that perhaps a possible interactive assemblage for the exhibition could comprise of: some gollywogs from my collection:
some copies of the knitting pattern:

and perhaps some knitting needles from my collection:

My thoughts are that people could take a copy of the pattern and a pair of needles home with them, knit a gollywog, and post the image to this blog. In this manner the exhibition would open up to the public and empower visitors by allowing them to participate also.

In making your own gollywog, the colours of the wools don’t have to match the pattern, and there is room for originality and further creativity in adding embellishments (such as buttons) and accessories to give this creature a voice.

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